About our pigs

All our breeds of pig are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist. Stratton plays its part in conserving and sometimes breeding as pedigrees, the genetics of these sometimes ancient pigs. Who knows which environmental conditions or diseases or purposes for pig that we may need in Britain in the future?
As a responsible food producing nation, we must not lose vital genetic material.

Tamworth (vulnerable 200-300)
Active, hardy, good rustlers, and very prolific. An unusual proportion of lean meat. One of the oldest and purest breeds in Britain. Good food conversion ratio.

Middle white (endangered 100-200)
A specialist, early maturing pork pig, it was known as “The London Porker”.
Numbers declined when the demand for bacon grew, but now, with customers increasingly interested in quality pork, the Middle White pork again commands an enviable reputation.

Large white (at risk 300-500)
Rugged and hardy breed.
They excel in growth rate and lean meat percentage.
The World’s Favourite Breed.

Berkshire (vulnerable 200-300)
Good maternal instincts. It is a docile breed that is easily managed.
The Berkshire is the oldest recorded pedigree pig breed in Britain. The Berkshire is an early maturing, pork producer similar to the Middle White. Pigs destined for slaughter should be reared to 60-70kg which they should reach in 3-4 months. The meat is renowned for its flavour and Berkshire pork is highly prized in Japan.

Saddle back (at risk 300-500)
British Saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. The breed continues to be used mainly to provide coloured dams for the production of first-cross lean porkers, Baconers and heavy pigs. The breed is known for its grazing ability and is very hardy. It has secured a niche in outdoor and organic production.

Oxford sandy black (at risk 300-500)
Copes with most conditions. Suited to an outdoor system. Natural forager and browser. Prolific and has good maternal instincts. Known for their excellent temperament and great mothering abilities. Produces meat of very high quality and flavour (the meat is not susceptible to the pigs markings). It finishes more quickly than many traditional breeds, and they are less inclined to run to fat. They are a multi-purpose breed which produces succulent pork, high quality bacon and ham.